by Freddy De Pues


Philosophy: I create for my own pleasure and eventually, I share.
What I like at this time: great precision airports with ZL21 sat imagery, huge files, some FPS issues for slower iMacs (not mine!). Anyway, I keep older and less FPS hungry versions available.

I answer questions in French, Dutch, German and English. I understand Spanish, some Italian.

A huge library and 58 detailed airports in Belgium, Florida, Hawaii, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas.

All airports have customized buildings made with the latest version of SketchUp. Placement is based upon USGS imagery from SAS Planet used in the products. Imagery is refined in GIMP.

And it’s free!

We use World Editor 2 for the placement of objects, sat imagery, ATC air traffic control, traffic flows depending on time, wind, aircraft type, air & ground service vehicles. We pay attention to details and attractive designs by using TWY edges, tire tracks, more precise roads, …

We have a library of objects called NAPS library. Our occasional partners in design are Cami De Bellis and Marc Leydecker.

X-Life  is our preferred traffic plugin and we implement it wherever it’s possible.

Ten years of hard work.

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