EBLG Liège Airport



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The airport is located in Grâce-HollogneLiège Province, north-west of the city of Liège, in the east of Belgium. The first terminal on the site opened in 1930.[

It is mainly used for freight/cargo operations, but also serves more than 23 destinations for passengers (mainly charters). Liège is located in the centre of the golden triangle Paris – Amsterdam – Frankfurt that handles 66% of European freight, and 75% when taken together with London[citation needed]. In 2014 it was the eighth-biggest cargo airport in Europe. Liège Airport is the biggest cargo airport in Belgium, and the third-biggest for passengers after Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport.[ It is the global hub of ASL Airlines Belgium (the former TNT Airways), the European hub of Allied AirAstral AviationCAL Cargo Air LinesEl Al CargoEthiopian Cargo, and Icelandair Cargo, and a key European cargo hub for ABX AirAirBridge CargoBluebird CargoEmiratesi-Fly and Ukraine International Airlines.

Scenery by NAPS (Freddy de Pues)

  • Custom buildings and objects made in SketchUp with photorealistic textures, some by Belga (Marc Leydecker).
  • HDR lighting support. Dynamic night effects with NAPS’ halo lights.
  • Night and day versions of buildings with photographic textures, lights and smoke.
  • Precision ATC traffic and flows based upon wind direction and aircraft categories.
  • Service vehicles’ traffic carefully managed.
  • X-Life activated for best realistic traffic and audio environment, you need the free plugin.
  • Precision TWY & RWY markings.

No libraries required

What’s New in Version 2.1 

Released June 4, 2018

Extended forest exclusion in the FlexPort area.

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