EBLG Liège Airport*****

Belgium, Walloon Region


Four versions

  1. Liège Airport 4.0 (EBLG) © Google sat 1.46GB/343MB/56FPS (PRIVATE VERSION due to Google Sat ©)
  2. Liège Airport 4.0 (EBLG) no sat DOWNLOAD 89MB/56MB (use Zone Photos)
  3. Liège airport 3.0 personal
  4. Liège airport 2.1 (EBLG) no sat DOWNLOAD 65.03 MB

I don’t have permission to distribute © Google sat imagery.
Je n’ai pas la permission de distribuer des images satellite © Google.

Liège doesn’t have suitable airport sat imagery at this time except for © Google. Zone Photo is a ZL16 sat imagery covering Europe and Florida.

I have no control over auto land aircraft landing too short or waving off.

Version 4 requires BS2001, NAPS 6.5, OpenScenery.
La version 4 nécessite les librairies BS2001, KAPS 6.5 et OpenScenery X.

Liège in WED with Google sat imagery.

Above, Liège with Google sat, Liège with Zone Photos sat (no airport sat).


The airport is located in Grâce-HollogneLiège Province, north-west of the city of Liège, in the east of Belgium. The first terminal on the site opened in 1930.[

It is mainly used for freight/cargo operations, but also serves more than 23 destinations for passengers (mainly charters). Liège is located in the centre of the golden triangle Paris – Amsterdam – Frankfurt that handles 66% of European freight, and 75% when taken together with London[citation needed]. In 2014 it was the eighth-biggest cargo airport in Europe. Liège Airport is the biggest cargo airport in Belgium, and the third-biggest for passengers after Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport.[ It is the global hub of ASL Airlines Belgium (the former TNT Airways), the European hub of Allied AirAstral AviationCAL Cargo Air LinesEl Al CargoEthiopian Cargo, and Icelandair Cargo, and a key European cargo hub for ABX AirAirBridge CargoBluebird CargoEmiratesi-Fly and Ukraine International Airlines.Custom buildings and objects made in SketchUp with photorealistic textures, some by Belga (Marc Leydecker).

Liège 3.0 screenshots

Liège 2.1 screenshots

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