KAGR MacDill Auxiliary Field

Southwest Florida, east of Sarasota.

MacDill AFB Auxiliary Field – Avon Park, Florida KAGR (AGS)

USA_FL_KAGR MacDill Aux Fld 1.1 DOWNLOAD 54MB/133MB

What’s new in 1.1?
Fixed a container issue.

MacDill Air Force Base Auxiliary Field is a local private jet airport located in Florida, United States.
I made it suitable for a variety of military training. It has dozens of new NAPS military assets.

ZL21 terrain courtesy USGS.
F-35B courtesy AOA Simulations, Fabrice Kaufman and David Austin.
Tarmac people © by Belga12345 (Marc Leydecker).
OLS T2 by Kaz Nakata.
3 low poly aircrafts, unknown authors.


  • NAPS_library 6.3 (new)
  • The Handy Objects Lib
  • Flag of USA states
  • PPlibrary
  • Openscenery

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