KAPF Naples Municipal Airport*****

SouthWest Florida, USA.

Three versions are available

  1. KAPF Naples Airport 2.0 DOWNLOAD 312MB/144MB/ZL21/27FPS
  2. KAPF Naples Airport 2.0 LITE DOWNLOAD 99MB/66MB/ZL 19/22FPS
  3. KAPF Naples Municipal 1.0 DOWNLOAD 169MB/121MB/ZL17/59FPS

High density version 1 is so precise and cristal clear I had to put each taxi edge one by one on the exact spot visible on the grass or shoulder.

Light versions 2 & 3 may have better FPS but sat imagery has lower quality with arcade look.

Satellite imagery courtesy USGS / United States Geographical Survey


1 & 2 require XP11, 3D people, Aircraft Static & Animated, BS2001, CDB, Mister X, PP lib, RE lib, OpenScenery, Org: NAPS lib 6.5, NAPS blog: NAPS lib 6.5

3 requires NAPS library, 3D people library 3.9, BS2001 Object Library 1.1, CDB-Library Version 2.4, Flags of the USA states, The Handy Objects Library 6.1, MisterX Library and static aircraft extension 1.51, OpenSceneryX 2.1.1, Pavement paintings library (PPlibrary) 1.2.1, RE Library, World models library 0.8.0, Aircraft – Static and Animated library

What’s new in 2.0?

  • NAPS new outstanding standards & features airport
  • X-Life verified airport
  • New ZL21 tile with feathered edges.
  • Complete redraw of apt.dat
  • TWY edges, TWY edge lights in exact right spot.
  • RWY numbers markings.
  • New buildings.
  • New trees from NAPS lib.
  • New fences placement.
  • Detailed ground markings
  • Gazillions of details, etc.
X-Life verified airport

Naples Airport (KAPF) is a public use airport located two nautical miles (4 km) northeast of the central business district of Naples, the most populous city and county seat of Collier County, Florida.
The airport provides space for general aviation, as well as mosquito control and Med Flight Collier  (Wikipedia)


  • All new high standards NAPS airports, those announced by 5 stars or a flag of their State, come with a unique ZL21 tile downloaded through SAS Planet from ESRI (United States Geographical Survey) and tweaked in GIMP.
  • All airports have at least one or two high poly custom buildings whose textures are based upon real photography.
  • In addition, I use © 3rd generation HD hangars, buildings, all kind of assets, etc. by famous Marc Leydecker and all the 1500 objects I created myself, most of the time included in my NAPS library.
  • You will find precision markings, TWY edges, road edges, apron edges, HD tarmacs, HD roads, tire skids, stains, … gazillions of objects.
  • With the precision of ZL21, I am now inclined to create each and every object visible on the sat image, which means all real objects.
  • These new standards create huge files, this is why I keep the older versions for members with slower computers.
  • Optional: get your sat imagery from Zone Photo Florida . http://zonephoto.x-plane.fr/Cartes.php
  • I use Marginal’s autogate, nothing else.
  • All airports have traffic routes for aircraft and very often, ground. My airports are made for X-Life but can be used with Laminar’s AI traffic or 3rd party traffic plugins. I didn’t create static aircraft in traffic zones.

If you do not already have the libraries used in this package, you may find download links in the Master Library List

KAPF Naples Municipal 1.0 DOWNLOAD 116.53MB/175MB

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