Baton Rouge

KBTR Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, Louisiana


New in 5.1: new aircraft traffic + static animated aircraft + ground vehicles traffic


Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (IATABTRICAOKBTRFAA LIDBTR), also known as Ryan Field, is a public use airport located four nautical miles (7 km) north of the central business district of Baton Rouge, a city in East Baton Rouge ParishLouisianaUnited States.[1]

The airport was originally Harding Army Air Field during World War II and was used by the United States Army Air Forces Technical Service Command as a maintenance and supply base. Today other than the runways, virtually no traces remain of the military installation.(Wiki)

Scenery by Freddy De Pues, NAPS Advanced Sim Scenery
North Atlantic & Pacific Scenery


  • Customized buildings, lights, transparent windows, interiors
  • Positioned buildings and objects as close to reality based on orthophoto source
  • Color corrected USGS orthophotos blended in X-Plane environment, feathered edges, decals on polygons
  • ATC full RWYs and TWYs network
  • ATC traffic flows
  • Autogate
  • RWYs & TWYs per orthophoto
  • Accurate TWY signs
  • Precision pavement marking
  • Grass, sewers, irrigation system
  • Extremely detailed environment


  • CDB lib
  • MisterX6 lib
  • OpensceneryX

If you do not already have the libraries used in this package, you may find download links in the Master Library List.