KECP Northwest Florida Beaches Panama City*****

NorthWest Florida

USA_FL_KECP_Northwest Florida Beaches Intl Airport Panama City 4.1 DOWNLOAD 242MB/1.5GB

Requires Mister X, NAPS 6.8, PP lib, OpenScenery


What’s new in 4.1?

Fixed an automate issue.
Replaced high poly palm trees.

What’s new in version 4.0?

  • New perfect ZL21 tile courtesy USGS
  • New apt.dat
  • New terminal
  • New placement of all objects
  • TWY edge lights placed in the real spot
  • New forests
  • New NAPS lib 6.5 objects
  • New buildings textures.


  • All new high standards NAPS airports, those announced by 5 stars or a flag of their State, come with a unique ZL21 tile downloaded through SAS Planet from ESRI (United States Geographical Survey) and tweaked in GIMP.
  • All airports have at least one or two high poly custom buildings whose textures are based upon real photography.
  • In addition, I use © 3rd generation HD hangars, buildings, all kind of assets, etc. by famous Marc Leydecker and all the 1500 objects I created myself, most of the time included in my NAPS library.
  • You will find precision markings, TWY edges, road edges, apron edges, HD tarmacs, HD roads, tire skids, stains, … gazillions of objects.
  • With the precision of ZL21, I am now inclined to create each and every object visible on the sat image, which means all real objects.
  • These new standards create huge files, this is why I keep the older versions for members with slower computers.
  • Optional: get your sat imagery from Zone Photo Florida .
  • I use Marginal’s autogate, nothing else.
  • All airports have traffic routes for aircraft and very often, ground. My airports are made for X-Life but can be used with Laminar’s AI traffic or 3rd party traffic plugins. I didn’t create static aircraft in traffic zones.

KECP Northwest Florida Beaches Intl Airport Panama City v3.0 DOWNLOAD 54MB/233MB

KECP Northwest Florida Beaches Intl Airport Panama City v2.1 DOWNLOAD 54MB/236MB

Requirements v2.1: 3D_People_Library, The Handy Objects Library, World-models, NAPS_Library 6.5, OpenSceneryX.

If you do not already have the libraries used in this package, you may find download links in the Master Library List:

Airport design by NAPS (Freddy De Pues & Hans Gindra)

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