KHST Homestead ARB

ORBX compatible

Has a F-16 stunt by Marc

Thank you: 

  • Marc (©Stunt, ©KPVG hangars, etc.)
  • David Austin (Mil static aircraft)
  • Hans Gindra (PHOG tower) 
  • Exploration Out Industries (Static F-35A)
  • Fabrice Kauffman (T-7)
  • Radon (radar)

Base militaire dans le comté de Miami-Dade, Floride

Homestead Air Reserve Base (IATAHSTICAOKHSTFAA LIDHST) (Homestead ARB), previously known as Homestead Air Force Base (Homestead AFB) is located in Miami–Dade County, Florida to the northeast of the city of Homestead. It is home to the 482nd Fighter Wing (482 FW) of the Air Force Reserve Command‘s Tenth Air Force (10 AF), as well as the headquarters of Special Operations Command South.

Homestead Air Force Base was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and subsequently rebuilt.

The base was converted from an active duty base to its present-day reserve base status with the 482d Fighter Wing and its F-16 aircraft as the host wing, while concurrently maintaining a 24/7/365 alert detachment of F-15 Eagle fighter aircraft from the Florida Air National Guard‘s 125th Fighter Wing.

Charactéristiques: / Features:

  • Adapté au trafic LAMINAR / Made for LAMINAR traffic.
  • Image satellite ZL21 / ZL21 sat imagery.
  • Bâtiments customisés sous SketchUp / Customized buildings.
  • ESRI imagery, courtesy USGS.
  • Decals.

Librairies: / Libs:

J’ai pu oublier une lib ou l’autre, votre log.txt vous dira laquelle. / In case I have missed one lib, your log.txt will tell you which one.

Désolé, X-Publish ne fonctionne plus pour moi. / Sorry, X-Publish doesn’t work for me anymore.

Marc Leydecker’s objects (BELGA) are copyrighted.

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