KNQX NAS Key West Boca Chica Field

KNQX NAS Key West Boca Chica Field 6.0SAT ZL21874.5MBVERIFIED
KNQX NAS Key West Boca Chica Field 6.0 NO SATNO SAT102.3MBVERIFIED
Freddy De Pues

ORBX implemented

La base aéronavale de Key West (Naval Air Station Key West en anglais) est une base aéronavale américaine située à Key West, dans le sud de la Floride.

Naval Air Station Key West (IATANQXICAOKNQXFAA LIDNQX), is a naval air station and military airport located on Boca Chica Key, four miles (6 km) east of the central business district of Key West, Florida, United States.

NAS Key West is a training facility for air-to-air combat fighter aircraft of all military services, with favorable flying conditions year round and nearby aerial ranges. The station and its associated offshore air combat maneuvering ranges are equipped with the P5 Combat Training System/Tactical Combat Training System P5CTS/TCT which tracks and records aerial maneuvers.

On a broader scale, NAS Key West’s national security mission supports operational and readiness requirements for the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security (e.g., U.S. Coast Guard), Air National Guard and Army National Guard units, other federal agencies, and allied military forces.

The air station is also host to several tenant commands, including Fighter Squadron Composite 111 (VFC-111), Strike Fighter Squadron 106 (VFA-106) Detachment Key West, the U.S. Army Special Forces Underwater Operations School and Headquarters, Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATF South).

Charactéristiques: / Features:

  • Adapté au trafic LAMINAR / Made for LAMINAR traffic.
  • (SAT) Image satellite ZL21 / ZL21 sat imagery.
  • Bâtiments customisés sous SketchUp / Customized buildings.
  • ESRI imagery, courtesy USGS.

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