KPNS Pensacola International Airport, Florida

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New in 2.1: new aircraft traffic + static animated aircraft + ground vehicles traffic



Pensacola-International-AirportOne of Florida’s Panhandle favorite destinations.

Pensacola International Airport[2] (IATAPNSICAOKPNSFAA LIDPNS), formerly Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport, is a public use airport three nautical miles (6 km) northeast of the central business district of Pensacola, in Escambia County, Florida, United States. It is owned by the City of Pensacola.[1] Despite the name, this airport does not offer direct international flights. This airport is one of the four major airports in North Florida, others being: Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, Tallahassee International Airport, and Jacksonville International Airport.

This facility is included in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems, which categorized it as a primary commercial service airport.[3] As per Federal Aviation Administration records, the it had 771,917 passenger boardings (enplanements) in calendar year 2008,[4] 694,786 enplanements in 2009, and 729,748 in 2010.[5] In 2015, the airport served 1.6 million passengers.[6] (Wiki)

Airport design by NAPS (Freddy de Pues)
New version. Added .lin roads, 3D People.

NAPS HD fully customized scenery (SketchUp), extremely detailed, animations, including some of Marc Leydecker’s © assets.
Terminal with transparent windows and interior design.
Tweaked orthos, courtesy USGS, for better immersion in XP environment. Feathered contours.
Features a F-14 Airshow.

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