xlifesmallKSRQ Sarasota-Bradenton International and VFR

Version 4.1
No satellite imagery necessary, older version, less features.
Version 5.0 (in the making)
Fully customized, no libraries.
To be used with sat imagery (not provided with the airport file).
Optimized when roads are disabled.
Made for X-Life but NAPS traffic also available when X-Life is not used.

Bell 407_1SRQ_Airport


Disable Laminar’s AI traffic and uncheck “draw parked aircraft” when using X-Life De Luxe

Available downloads

KSRQ Sarasota-Bradenton International

  • Highly detailed custom buildings (terminal 50000 polygons), reality photographic textures, pictures taken on site, roadside, airside, with transparent windows and interiors, animated toll, animated signs, HDR lights, ambiance lights, smoke, flattened airport, some of Marc Leydecker’s © objects …
  • Detailed ground, precision markings, tiles processed in PhotoShop, TWY and RWY shoulders with yellow stripes, TWYs and roads’ edges, center line tire tracks, roads made out of .lin objects, …
  • Gazillions of objects, accurate TWY signs, people …
  • XP11/WED 1.6 animated aircraft and ground utilities with traffic, ATC traffic and flows, depending on wind, time …
  • Requirements:
    3D people, Aircraft -Static & Animated, CDB, flags of USA, ff lib, MisterX, NAPS, World-models, OpenScenery, PP library.
  • These libraries only work when you put their folder containing the library.txt in Custom scenery, not a subfolder.


  • KSRQ Terminal, Dolphin FBO, Jet Center, Rectrix FBO, Rectrix maintenance, KSRQ offices, temporary offices, FlightSource FBO, fire station, Delta maintenance, cargo buildings, hangars, old tower, rental, toll, animated signs, new FAA tower…

Immediate surroundings

  • University campus with rooftop helipad, Ringling museum, neighborhood hotels, local businesses, Sarasota car museum, airport SubWay …

SRQ Sarasota-Bradenton VFR

  • Downtown Sarasota and Marina Jack, rooftop helipad, destroyer with dock @ Lido Key, VFR landmarks, Lakewood Ranch signs, Van Wezel Theatre, Bradenton Memorial hospital with rooftop helipad …
  • Requirements: 3D people, The Handy Objects, FF lib, NAPS, OpenScenery.
  • These libraries only work when you put their folder containing the library.txt in Custom scenery, not a subfolder.

Thank you

  • JP Baril (Helo), Marginal (autogates), Ben (LOWI), ? (MowMyXP)

New in 4.0: new aircraft traffic + static animated aircraft + ground vehicles traffic + buildings upgrades + new buildings + new animated objects + attention to details



Scenery by Freddy De Pues, NAPS, in association with Marc Leydecker (Virginia UHD airports)