KSRQ Sarasota-Bradenton-Lakewood Ranch VFR

KSRQ Sarasota-Bradenton-Lakewood Ranch VFR 1.0NO SAT 91.5MBVERIFIED
Freddy De Pues
Adapted to ORBX

Adapté à ORBX / Adapted to ORBX TRUE FLORIDA

Librairies: / Libs:

The scenery has many local landmarks including Marina Jack Sarasota with the most recent pier tool by Laminar, Marina Jack Yacht Club, the statue of the Unconditional Surrender, Chase One, Westin Hotel, Hyatt Hotel, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Van Wezel Theater, Bradenton Memorial, etc.

Requires XP11.30r1, 3D people, The Handy Objects, ff_lib, NAPS, OpenScenery.

J’ai pu oublier une lib ou l’autre, votre log.txt vous dira laquelle. / In case I have missed one lib, your log.txt will tell you which one. 

Désolé, X-Publish ne fonctionne plus pour moi. / Sorry, X-Publish doesn’t work for me anymore.

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