KTLH Tallahassee Regional


with famous Cami De Bellis

USA_FL_KTLH Tallahassee Regional Airport v1.3 DOWNLOAD

KTLH Tallahassee Regional Airport & Doak Campbell Stadium –

Cami De Bellis & Freddy De Pues, NAPS Advanced Sim Scenery North Atlantic & Pacific Scenery

Now optimized with the new WED 1.6


  • Customized buildings with lights and night textures
  • Positioned buildings and objects as close to reality based on orthophoto source
  • Color corrected USGS orthophotos blended in X-Plane environment, feathered edges, decals on polygons
  • ATC full RWYs and TWYs network
  • ATC traffic flows, wind rules, time rules
  • Autogate
  • RWYs & TWYs per orthophoto
  • RWY & TWY side stripe markings
  • Accurate TWY signs
  • High precision pavement markings
  • Sewers, irrigation system
  • Animations
  • Extremely detailed environment
  • Tweaked for better performance

Thank you:

  • Military objects by David Austin, AOA Simulations
  • Mowmyxplane by Simon Waters
  • Autogate by Marginal
  • Tacan by Pugwash
  • Antennas by AI


  • 3D_people_library
  • BS2001_Object_Library
  • CDB-Library
  • The_Handy_Objects_Library
  • Flags of USA States
  • ff_library
  • Mister X Library
  • NAPS_library
  • world-models
  • OpenScenery
  • RD_Library
  • RuScenery

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