KTPF Peter O Knight Airport

KTPF Peter O Knight Airport 3.0SAT ZL21248.1MBVERIFIED
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What is new in 3.0? New low poly palm trees, ORBX adapted.

L’aéroport Peter O. Knight est un aéroport des îles Davis, à cinq minutes du centre-ville de Tampa, en Floride.

Peter O. Knight Airport (IATATPFICAOKTPFFAA LIDTPF) is an airport on Davis Islands, five minutes (3 NM or 5.6 km or 3.5 mi) from downtown TampaFlorida. Built as a Works Progress Administration project, it was Tampa’s main airport from 1935 to 1945, and is still used by general aviation operators today because of its proximity to the central city. The airport was named for prominent attorney and businessman Peter O. Knight, namesake of Holland & Knight.

The airport’s original administration building was torn down in the 1960s, and replaced by the current building. Although seaplanes aren’t quite as popular anymore, the basin is still there at Davis Islands

In June 2004, the local fixed-base operator (FBO) was sold by Tampa Flying Service and is now operated by Atlas Aviation.

The residents of Davis Island where the airport is located have complained about the noise and appearance of the facilities. The current plan is to extend the north east end of the runway by 65 ft (20 m), and add 175 ft (53 m) to the south end of the runway. During a meeting on September 18, 2007 some residents voiced concerns about larger aircraft using the longer runway, and any related increase in the volume of noise generated there.

Sound tests conducted by the Aviation Authority showed an increase of 3 dB or less over current usage at the closest residences, or an average of about 58 dB during run ups to take off. During the same tests, nearby lawn mowers, motorcycles, and automobiles frequently reached over 75 dB.

The extension of the north/east and south/west ends had been completed in 2008 with no noticeable impact to the local area. The improvements to the runway have added to the safety of airmen utilizing this facility. 

Charactéristiques: / Features:

  • Adapté au trafic LAMINAR / Made for LAMINAR traffic.
  • Image satellite ZL21 / ZL21 sat imagery.
  • Bâtiments customisés sous SketchUp / Customized buildings.
  • Pas de decals / no decals.
  • ESRI imagery, courtesy USGS.

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