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EBLG Liege Airport 2.1  (Bierset)

Made in and around the X-Europe environment (SimHeaven), XP 11.20  & XPFR Zones Photo.
Version 2 takes the latest developments of Flexport and Airport City into account.




Replica of Liege airport (May 2018).
Custom buildings and objects made in SketchUp with photorealistic textures, some by Belga (Marc Leydecker).
HDR lighting support. Dynamic night effects with NAPS’ halo lights.
Night and day versions of buildings with photographic textures, lights and smoke.
Precision ATC traffic and flows based upon wind direction and aircraft categories.
Service vehicles’ traffic carefully managed.
X-Life activated for best realistic traffic and audio environment, you need the free plugin.
Precision TWY & RWY markings.
No libraries.

What is new?

New in 2.1:
Extra Forest exclusions

New in 2.0:
X-Life active when plugin is present, Laminar traffic made in WED 1.7r3.
New X-Life file with extended FlexPort area.
WT3 apt.dat modifications by third party upon request.
High precision ground (apt.dat) based upon Wedomaker maps, double checked on Google Earth & Bing.
Rectified X-Life file.
Realistic shoulders.
New photorealistic textures for buildings.
Ongoing and future west cargo extensions. New buildings in FlexPort, Airport City.
Fly In Free Fall Simulator Center.
RWYs denomination or heading changed according to new data.
Fixed an ILS issue.
Rearranged the whole airport to fit in the X-Europe environment.
New forests, jetways, roads,  gates, TWYs, TWY signs, markings, lights, shoulders, aprons, walls,  yellow stripes, office 50, ground pol markings, buildings, antennas, gate masts with gate numbers, pavement signs, extensions, antennas, bike lanes by Belga (Marc Leydecker), and all sorts of additional objects.
Extended and adjusted ground traffic, adjusted aircraft traffic, improved ATC.
No libraries needed, not even NAPS’.

New in 1.1:

New aircraft traffic + static animated aircraft + ground vehicles traffic.

Made for XP11+

Optimized for





XP 11.20
X-Europe (Airport might look unfinished or missing roads without it)

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Comments by the author:

This European airport was difficult to create due to the nature of Laminar’s exclusions, the intricate X-Europe roads network and the constant extensions to Liege airport, leaving sat imagery permanently obsolete. I had to make compromises and decided to cover the airport’s area with grass instead of the dirt or sand, the old buildings to be destroyed, and old taxiways almost vaporizing.