Only latest versions, for previous ones please go to the airport’s pages.

If you do not already have the libraries used in these airports, you may find download links in the Master Library List.

B_EBBE_Beauvechain AB 2.0B_EBBE_Beauvechain AB 2.0
B_EBFS_Florennes AB 0.9
B_EBLG_Liege_Airport 2.1B_EBLG_Liege_Airport 2.1
B_EBTY_Maubray – Tournai Air Club 1.0B_EBTY_Maubray – Tournai Air Club 1.0
USA_AL_KMOB_Mobile Rgnl 1.1USA_AL_KMOB_Mobile Rgnl 1.0
USA_FL_KAGR MacDill Aux Fld 1.1USA_FL_KAGR MacDill Aux Fld 1.0
USA_FL_KAPF Naples Municipal 2.0USA_FL_KAPF Naples Municipal 2.0
USA_FL_KAVO Avon Park Executive 1.0USA_FL_KAVO Avon Park Executive 1.0
USA_FL_KBCT Boca Raton 2.0USA_FL_KBCT Boca Raton 2.0
USA_FL_KBKV Brooksville-Tampa Bay Rgnl 2.0USA_FL_KBKV Brooksville-Tampa Bay Rgnl 2.0
USA_FL_KCHN Wauchula Municipal 1.0USA_FL_KCHN Wauchula Municipal 1.0
USA_FL_KCOF Patrick AFB 1.1USA_FL_KCOF Patrick AFB 1.1
USA_FL_KECP_Northwest Florida Beaches Intl Airport Panama City 4.0USA_FL_KECP_Northwest Florida Beaches Intl Airport Panama City 4.0
USA_FL_KEVB New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport 1.0USA_FL_KEVB New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport 1.0
USA_FL_KHRT Hurlburt Field 2.0USA_FL_KHRT Hurlburt Field 2.0
USA_FL_KLAL Lakeland Linder International 4.1USA_FL_KLAL Lakeland Linder International 4.0
USA_FL_KMCF Mac Dill AFB 5.0USA_FL_KMCF Mac Dill AFB 5.0
USA_FL_KMCO Orlando International 5.1USA_FL_KMCO Orlando International 5.1
USA_FL_KMKY Marco Island Executive 1.0
USA_FL_KNPA_NAS Pensacola Forrest Sherman Field 9.0USA_FL_KNPA_NAS Pensacola Forrest Sherman Field 9.0
USA_FL_KNQX_NAS Key West Boca Chica Field 5.0USA_FL_KNQX_NAS Key West Boca Chica Field 3.0
USA_FL_KPAM_Tyndall AFB 3.2USA_FL_KPAM_Tyndall AFB 3.0
USA_FL_KPBI Palm Beach Intl 2.1USA_FL_KPBI Palm Beach Intl 2.1
USA_FL_KPCM Plant City Municipal Airport 1.0
USA_FL_KPGD Punta Gorda 1.1USA_FL_KPGD Punta Gorda 4.1
USA_FL_KPIE_St Petersburg-Clearwater Intl Airport 3.0USA_FL_KPIE_St Petersburg-Clearwater Intl Airport 1.4
USA_FL_KPNS_Pensacola Intl 4.0USA_FL_KPNS_Pensacola Intl 4.0
USA_FL_KSFB Sanford International Airport 1.0
USA_FL_KSPG Albert Whitted St Petersburg 4.0USA_FL_KSPG Albert Whitted St Petersburg 4.0
USA_FL_KSRQ_Sarasota-Bradenton Intl 6.0USA_FL_KSRQ_Sarasota-Bradenton Intl 4.1
VFR_Sarasota-Bradenton-Lakewood Ranch 1.0
USA_FL_KTLH Tallahassee Regional Airport 2.0USA_FL_KTLH Tallahassee Regional Airport 2.0
USA_FL_KTPF_Peter O Knight Airport 2.0USA_FL_KTPF_Peter O Knight Airport 2.0
USA_FL_KVDF_Vandenberg Tampa Executive Airport 2.0USA_FL_KVDF_Vandenberg Tampa Executive Airport 2.0
USA_FL_KVNC_Venice Municipal 3.0USA_FL_KVNC_Venice Municipal 3.0
USA_FL_KVPS_Eglin AFB Northwest Florida Rgnl 5.1USA_FL_KVPS_Eglin AFB Northwest Florida Rgnl 5.0
USA_FL_KZPH_Zephyrhills Municipal Airport 1.0USA_FL_KZPH_Zephyrhills Municipal Airport 1.0
USA_GA_KATL_Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intl Airport 3.0USA_GA_KATL_Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intl Airport 3.0
USA_HI_HAWAII_PHKO_Kona Intl Airport at Keahole 6.0USA_HI_HAWAII_PHKO_Kona Intl Airport at Keahole 5.0
USA_HI_KAUAI_PAH_Port Allen Airport 1.0
USA_HI_KAUAI_PHLI Lihue Airport 5.0USA_HI_KAUAI_PHLI Lihue Airport 5.0
USA_HI_MAUI_PHHN Hana Maui Airport 7.0USA_HI_MAUI_PHHN Hana Maui Airport 7.0
USA_HI_MAUI_PHJH_Kapalua West Maui Airport Lahaina 4.0USA_HI_MAUI_PHJH_Kapalua West Maui Airport Lahaina 4.0
USA_HI_MAUI_PHOG Kahului Intl Airport 8.0USA_HI_MAUI_PHOG Kahului Intl Airport 8.0
USA_HI_OAHU_NPS_Ford Island NALF Airport 2.0USA_HI_OAHU_NPS_Ford Island NALF Airport 2.0 (Pearl Harbor)
USA_HI_OAHU_PHDH_Dillingham Airfield 4.0USA_HI_OAHU_PHDH_Dillingham Airfield 4.0
USA_HI_OAHU_PHHI Wheeler Army Air Field 1.0
USA_HI_OAHU_PHJR_Kalaeloa John Rogers Field 1.0USA_HI_OAHU_PHJR_Kalaeloa John Rogers Field 1.0
USA_HI_OAHU_PHNL Honolulu Intl 5.1USA_HI_OAHU_PHNL Honolulu Intl 5.1
USA_HI_OAHU_XBEL_Bellows Air Force Base 1.0
USA_LA_KBTR_Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport 5.1USA_LA_KBTR_Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport 5.0
USA_MS_KBIX_Keesler AFB 1.0USA_MS_KBIX_Keesler AFB 1.0
USA_MS_KGPT_Gulfport-Biloxi Intl Airport 1.1USA_MS_KGPT_Gulfport-Biloxi Intl Airport 1.1
USA_MS_KHSA_Stennis Intl 2.0USA_MS_KHSA_Stennis Intl 1.0
USA_TX_KIAH_Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport 5.0USA_TX_KIAH_Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport 4.1

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