MAUI PHJH Kapalua West Maui Airport Lahaina

MAUI PHJH Kapalua West Maui Airport Lahaina 4.0NO SAT7.2MBVERIFIED
Freddy De Pues

L’aéroport de Kapalua, également connu sous le nom de Kapalua – West Maui Airport, est un aéroport régional à usage privé sur le côté ouest de l’île de Maui à Hawaï. Il est situé à cinq milles marins au nord de Lahaina, dans le comté de Maui.

Kapalua Airport (IATAJHMICAOPHJHFAA LIDJHM), also known as Kapalua–West Maui Airport, is a regional private use airport on the west side of the island of Maui in Hawaii. It is located five nautical miles (6 mi, 9 km) north of Lahaina, in Maui County. Most flights to Kapalua Airport originate from commuter airports on the other Hawaiian islands by commercial commuter services, unscheduled air taxis, and general aviation.

As per Federal Aviation Administration records, the airport had 52,328 passenger boardings (enplanements) in calendar year 2008, 42,416 enplanements in 2009, and 40,060 in 2010. It is included in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2017–2021, in which it is categorized as a general aviation facility.

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