OAHU PHDH Dillingham Airfield

OAHU PHDH Dillingham Airfield 4.0SAT ZL21505.8MBVERIFIED
OAHU PHDH Dillingham Airfield 4.0 NO SATNO SAT137.8MBVERIFIED
Freddy De Pues

Dillingham Airfield PHDH

Hawaii, USA

Dillingham Airfield is a general aviation airport operated by the Hawaii Department of Transportation under a 25-year lease from the U.S. Army.  The state leases 272 acres of the 650 acre Dillingham Military Reservation and operates the single 5,000-foot runway primarily for commercial glider and sky diving operations.

The field is a joint-use airfield with the Army having first priority for air-land operations and helicopter night-vision training.  The airfield is not lighted for night operations by general aviation.  Oahu District of the State Airports System operates and maintains the airfield and utilities systems.

NAPS HD fully customized scenery (SketchUp or Blender), animations, including some of Marc Leydecker’s © assets.

Tweaked orthos, courtesy USGS, for better immersion in XP environment. Feathered contours. From 40 to 80 FPS in extreme rez.


3D People Library

BS 2001 Object Library

MisterX Library


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