Palm Beach

Bell429_5Palm Beach International Airport, KPBI
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

KPBI offers seasonal destinations to Canada and northern areas of the USA. 


X-Life airport.
No static aircraft in non-traffic areas.
Laminar airport services vehicles traffic.
Autogate 171.
Taxi and ground routes.
Zoom 21 tiles, courtesy USGS, blends in Zoom 18 Zone Photos Florida.
Customized buildings include: KPBI towers, terminals, Flight Safety, Jet Aviation, Career Source, Atlantic hangars, Atlantic Tryptic hangars, NetJets FBO, toll booths, garages, fire station, temporary buildings, RWY,s TWYs, nav buildings, …
Customized vehicles and diverse objects.
Customized Terminal-kit elements in non-essential areas.
Night and day textures.
Best results with MisterX6 Airport Environment HD.
Was made from scratch, no Gateway input.

KPBI 0.9 beta 6

Orthoimagery courtesy of USGS, proceeded in SAS Planet and World Editor 1.7.
With objects by Marc Leydecker.

Requirements: NAPS version 6 and up, 3D People, The FAIB Airport Lib, flags of the USA, Mister X, PPlib, RE_Lib, OpenSceneryX.

Master List of Libraries

Thank you:

Thank you, Lib developers, Marginal for Autogate, JP Baril for his helo, and Belga12345, Marc Leydecker for his © files and support.
Thank you, Eugeny Romanov from JAR for checking and publishing my X-Life file.
Thank You, William McDonald for testing KPBI.